The world is an ugly place filled with such wonderous things.

Anonymous: life is so fucking retarded. EVERYTHING IS SO FUCKING RETARDED,in this damn world. I'm ain't even mad. hell, I'm not even sad or angry anymore. I'm just confused and curious to know what the fuck. that's all. that really is all. why does everything have to be such a big mystery? when we are born to this world,we know nothing. and when we die,we know even less. that's kind of unfair,isn't it?

This is why I have a problem with you…

Hey guys, support my friend if you feel like it https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/islandia-web-series

Islandia is a motion comic that will be available for free online.

What is Islandia

Islandia centers around Alfjeder, Bjarney, and Slagbrandur who accidentally set free the ancient deity Bæru from its prison. Bæru is hellbent to finish the task he started eons ago, to destroy the four realms, and with them, the entire universe. Now, it’s up to Alfjeder, Bjarney, and Slagbrandur to travel through the realms and gather the four sacred emeralds, which are the only thing that can seal Bæru back in its prison, and restore balance to the world.

Islandia a passion project created by two artists, the story is based on the web comic Alfjeder, and will continue the adventures of Alfjeder, Bjarney and Slagbrandur. The universe in witch Islandia takes place will be based on old Icelandic folktales and mythology.


you can read the entire Alfjeder story here : http://tapastic.com/series/Alfjeder

What the heck do you need money for?

Doing a comic is a tiresome job, but adding visuals and audio on top of that is an nightmare… especially when it’s a team of two people. 
In order to make this happen we’ll need your support, so we can make Islandia a reality, 
The money will go towards making the first season of Islandia which will consist of over four hours of entertainment that will be available online for free.
to start this production we’ll require equipment, good microphones to record audio, software’s so we can create moving visuals and music, and voice actors to voice the characters. We’ll also need a studio to work in since our mother’s basement is not gonna cut it for long.
The video above is a small test we did in 2012… it does not represent the final product, but gives you a general idea of the feel the motion comic will have.


So you might be asking, what it is in for it for me?
WELL I’m glad you asked!


You get a big fat thank you from the creators of Islandia, your name will appear on the Islandia website, you’ll also get an download link to an high res Islandia wallpaper.


                wallpaper 3140 x 2020                                    wallpaper 3140 x 2020


In addition to the perk above you’ll receive PDF format of the Alfjeder comic book, as well as an download link for the Islandia score.


Islandia theme


Sunnheim is the realm of stability and order.

you’ll receive in addition to the perks above a physical copy of the Islandia score.

Islandia theme


Norðheim is the realm of growth, expansion and evolution.

in addition to the perks above you’ll receive paperback copy of the Alfjeder webcomic.


Þursgarður is the realm of the flesh.

in addition to the perks above you’ll receive an Islandia T-shirt.


Vættgarður is the realm of the mind.

in addition to the perks above you’ll recive a signed copy of the alfjeder paperback webcomic and an Alfjeder poster.

                                                               poster 40x27


Bjarney is an furious warrior that speaks with her fists and stomach.

In the addition to the Champion of Þursgarð perk you’ll receive Islandia poster and an Exclusive Alfjeder sweetshirt.

Poster 27x40


Slagbrandur is as greedy as he is careless, an thief with the heart of rusty iron.

in addition to the Mage of Vættgarður perk you’ll receive a limited edition Bæru hoodie.


Alfjeder is always willing to help those around him, which get’s him into more trouble than he can often handle.

in addition to the Wrath of Bjarney perk you’ll recive a hand made illustration from the creator plus original drawing from the Alfjeder webcomic.

In addition you get an exclusive Islandia cap.



Bæru is the destroyer of worlds, the god of forgiveness and the bringer of punishment.

in addition to all the perks above you’ll be invited to a skype call with the creators where you’ll be given the chance to be featured in the Islandia web series, we’ll discuss what type of character you want to be portrayed as, we’ll design the character after your features and you’ll decide what type of interaction you’d like to have with the main characters.


Well in theory you shouldn’t trust anyone with your money, but if you are a fan of animation or comics then Islandia is something for you!

Animation and comics can often be limited to what producers and studios are willing to risk doing, Islandia will be free online, no boundaries between a viewer and the creator…  no producers, no main stream studios, just passionate artists creating the show they would like to watch.

It will be time consuming to create the first season of Islandia, but in the end it is only a matter of time, and with the amount we are raising for time will not be the issue.


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- Thanks a lot to all those who just bothered to read trough all this crap!

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